Program Learning Outcomes BDS 

After successful completion of 4 years BDS program, the graduate will be: -

  • 1. Knowledgeable

    PLO1: Demonstrate basic knowledge of dentistry to prevent, diagnose, and manage different oral diseases.

  • 2. Skillful

    PLO2: Take focused history, perform physical examination, order appropriate investigations, formulate provisional diagnosis, perform basic dental procedures and effectively manage dental emergencies.

    PLO3: Manage medical emergencies and medically compromised patients effectively.

  • 3. Community Health promoter

    PLO4: Educate the patients and community regarding preventive measures to improve oral health thereby reducing the burden of oral diseases.

  • 4. Critical Thinker

    PLO5: To improve their knowledge and expertise by becoming life-long learners and adopt evidence-based approach to treat the patients.

  • 5. Professional

    PLO6: Exhibit empathetic behaviour while dealing with patients and practice medical ethics and professionalism.

    PLO7: Recognize their limitations as a general dentist and refer the patient to appropriate specialist when necessary.

  • 6. Scholar

    PLO8: Demonstrate research-oriented attitude and conduct research in an ethical way, keeping in view the importance of copyright.

  • 7. Leader & Role Model

    PLO9: Demonstrate skills of teamwork to serve the patients, profession & institution.

    PLO 10: Aspire to become a leader and work to enhance the trust of the public in dental profession.