Seminar on the “Importance of Quality Enhancement and Self-Assessment Report”

The Quality Enhancement Cell at Abbottabad International Medical Institute conducted a seminar on the Importance of Quality Enhancement and Self-Assessment Report on Wednesday, June 7, 2023. The keynote speaker was Dr. Naveed Iqbal, an assistant professor of management science at COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus.

Considering today's fierce competition, Dr. Naveed Iqbal emphasized the crucial role of quality enhancement in higher education. He strongly endorsed the need to enhance academic standards and collect all stakeholders' feedback to achieve this objective. The speaker emphasized the importance of self-assessment reports and how they assist institutions in assessing their strengths and weaknesses. He underscored the benefits of a self-assessment in developing action plans and using them as a foundation for effecting quality improvement initiatives. 

The participants had the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on the topic under discussion. The seminar concluded with a clear understanding of the importance of quality enhancement and self-assessment reports in attaining institutional objectives. Dr. Noaman Hussain Siddiqui, Director Department of Medical Education, awarded the shield to the speaker at the end of the session.