The Quality Enhancement Cell of Abbottabad International Medical Institute conducted a workshop on t “Self-Assessment Report Writing”. The workshop took place on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, in the main conference room and was specifically designed for the program team members of the MBBS and BDS programs.


The workshop was led by Mr. Amjad Khan with the aim of providing training on effective self-assessment report writing. The objectives of the workshop were as follows:

1. To understand the characteristics and importance of self-assessment reports.

2. To identify the key components of a self-assessment report.

3. To learn the steps involved in the process of writing a self-assessment report.

4. To improve the overall quality of self-assessment reports.


The workshop began with Dr. Arshid Pervez discussing the significance of quality assurance, self-assessment report and the responsibilities of the program team members in preparing the self-assessment report.

Mr. Amjad Khan then proceeded to guide the participants through the process of writing a self-assessment report. The following points were covered during the workshop:

1. The eight criteria and associated standards for self-assessment reports.

2. The importance of conducting relevant surveys and their role in the improvement process.

3. The main reasons behind the production of weak self-assessment reports were addressed.

4. Participants were given the opportunity to submit online feedback through the Google Forms platform to help improve future workshops.


The workshop concluded with a Q&A session where participants had the chance to seek clarification on the presentation. Overall, the workshop proved to be both informative and engaging, allowing participants to gain new knowledge and insights into the process of self-assessment report writing.